What is 7 day 7 Rides 7 States promotional offer?

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About Offer

Unlock rewards with Togopool's Ride Promotion! Complete 7 rides in 7 days, get up to ₹300/- even without ride takers. Enjoy added perks for ride completion and dynamic top-ups for multiple riders. Valid in select regions. Turn your journeys into savings today! Terms apply.

Terms & Conditions:

Ride Booking and Eligibility:

  • To qualify for the "7 Days, 7 Rides" offer, you must book your carpool or bikepool ride at least 30 minutes before your desired travel time.
  • If you edit your ride time after booking, the 30-minute window will be calculated from the new edited time.

Completing the Offer:

  • Ride givers who complete a minimum of 7 rides within 7 days will receive a reward.
  • Each ride must be at least 5 kilometres to be eligible.
  • Rides that don't end at the designated destination won't count towards the offer.

Rewards :

  • Upon completing 7 qualifying rides (regardless of finding ride takers), ride givers will receive:

₹300 for carpool rides.

₹100 for bikepool rides.

Cooling Off Period (For Ride Givers Completing Offer Quickly):

  • Ride Givers who complete 2 or more "7 Days, 7 Rides" offers within 8 days will enter a 7-day cooling period.
  • During the cooling period, only one ride per day will be counted towards the next offer.
  • The reward amount during the cooling period is reduced to:

₹100 for carpool rides (instead of standard ₹300).

₹50 for bikepool rides (instead of standard ₹100).

Top-Up Incentives for Ride Givers (Drivers):

  • Top-up incentives are awarded to drivers who complete a ride with a ride-taker.
  • Top-up benefits are capped at two rides with the same rider.

Top-Up Amounts During Regular and Cooling-Off Period:

  • If ride giver is in the cooling period and completes a ride with a ride taker, the top-up percentages remain the same as in the regular period:

1. Rider: 20% top-up of the highest fare.

2. Riders: 25% top-up of the highest fare.

3. Riders: 30% top-up of the highest fare.

4. Riders: 35% top-up of the highest fare.

Top-Up Maximum Limits:

  • The maximum top-up amount for a carpool ride is set to ₹70.
  • The maximum top-up amount for bike pool ride is set to ₹30.

Additional Notes:

  • This offer is valid only in the specified regions (Haryana, Delhi, Chandigarh, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Uttarakhand).
  • Togopool reserves the right to modify or terminate this offer at any time.
  • This offer cannot be combined with other promotions unless explicitly stated.


Video Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VB7bXCdn6M4

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